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Some Things are Intuitive

Whatcha looking at Bree?


Hey, where you going?


I may be clueless, but I know when a cookie is being offered…


We played with her soccer ball and now she’s probably dreaming about gigantic bones…

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I renewed my hosting account yesterday, despite last year’s proclamation of doom. “Why?” I kept asking myself. I said why? as the link went to paypal and why? as I hit the button to pay and why? as I completed the transaction and returned to my billing account. Why?

Good question and there’s no real answer… unless maybe I just want to be able to post dog pictures.


Corgi butt alert!


I submitted a photo of Badger’s butt for the Corgi Butt Calendar (which is now available here) but she didn’t make the cut. Guess there are just too many good butts out there…

For anyone still dropping by… YsD and her significant other finally obtained unsupervised visitation of the children and are hoping for unification by Christmas. I’m happy for them.

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A Bath and A Cookie

The baths come more frequently when I’m blowing coat!


The cookie is the important bit!


Can you see the guard hairs? When she’s almost dry they stand out almost at attention.


Two down, Bree to go!

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The soursop tree is burdened -really good word for it- with these huge fruit. Already four have fallen and been consumed by bugs… and of course one stubby dog. Guess I won’t bathe her til the you-know-what passes…


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Green House

I know it’s south Florida, but come on!!


Eye wash:


Green has always been my favorite color. But if I have to look at that every time I go into the back yard…


More ocular cleansing…


Oops. Had to throw this one in, too.


Caught ya.

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Oh, May Day. Otherwise it’s a distress signal.

I wanted some color in a sad little bed along the fence, so Mike went to Home Depot with me to buy some. I’d forgotten they only sell Impatiens in the Fall and ended up with three different colors of Begonia…even though I’ve always killed every Begonia within my personal radius… we’ll see. But now the sad little bed still looks sad… just with some condemned Begonias adding a splash of red, pink and blue.

They’re so cute before they die.

Can we talk about this dog? She is Always here. Right in front of me. Outside. On the toilet. Under my feet. Now, forget for a moment that she is filthy. Dried yogurt on her nose, green sticky things and eye gunk aside… look at that sweet little soul.


Bree has her final x-ray next week, along with her last rehab appointment. Thank God, because I don’t think she’s doing as well as she should be… and we need some answers.
I’m somewhat apprehensive.

Somewhat. That’s funny.

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PIG! But Just Once.

Whadya want??

Whad'ya want?

OH, it’s a PIG! Gimme!

OH, a PIG! Gimme!

I got it! I got it!


Back off, hound dog!

Back off, Teckel!

Quick, over here!

Over here!!

Good timing!

Good timing!

Here I come!!!

Here I come!!

…but once was enough!

...but once was enough!

And that’s exactly what happened!

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