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Our Fragile Ecosystem

When I complained about an overabundance of millipedes, both inside and outside the house, our exterminator told me that the invasive Northern …



Leaf remains. Who says I don’t have dead leaves for the Fall? Just thought it was cool… Looks like it was dipped …


The Long Hot Summer

[tooltip text=”Remember this movie?”]If you don’t hear from me in a week, I’ll be at the Nacional Hotel in Mexico City, room …


A Bath and A Cookie

The baths come more frequently when I’m blowing coat! The cookie is the important bit! Can you see the guard hairs? When …



Like most people I’m sad this week. Evidently Robin Williams was a very tortured man. I can only pray his burden has …

Fieldale Lodge_Leather-zzz-b6

Effects and So Forth

I love home. It’s not the particular house, really, just wherever I live. But it only becomes home upon unpacking, right? When …


Obstructionist now lists ‘obstructionist’ as right-winger. hasn’t gone completely round the bend yet. YET.  


Doctor My Eyes

Sunset one evening. The blue bit reminded me of a child who just doesn’t want to go to bed…