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Effects and So Forth

I love home. It’s not the particular house, really, just wherever I live. But it only becomes home upon unpacking, right? When …


Obstructionist now lists ‘obstructionist’ as right-winger. hasn’t gone completely round the bend yet. YET.  


Doctor My Eyes

Sunset one evening. The blue bit reminded me of a child who just doesn’t want to go to bed…



The soursop tree is burdened -really good word for it- with these huge fruit. Already four have fallen and been consumed by …



I helped Mike put up a 7×7 garden shed in the back yesterday and today. He did most of the work, of …


Family Finder

So, this is what FTDNA’s Family Finder does! And surprise! I’m not 100% European! Norway is my birth father. Interesting stuff! I’m …


Fischer’s Lovebird

Someone’s pet escaped and is living in a moss-laden oak tree across the street. After an exhaustive search googling we identified him …


Green House

I know it’s south Florida, but come on!! Eye wash: Green has always been my favorite color. But if I have to …