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Green House

June 6, 2014

I know it’s south Florida, but come on!!


Eye wash:


Green has always been my favorite color. But if I have to look at that every time I go into the back yard…


More ocular cleansing…


Oops. Had to throw this one in, too.


Caught ya.



June 5, 2014

Thanks to the surgeon, rehab and plenty of green, Bree is a bona fide success story.

Aside from a slight hitch in her getalong on the left right leg, she has no difficulty using it to walk or run… though I don’t allow any play with Badger that could lead to a repeat performance at the vet.


AND the hair is finally starting to grow back on her butt! I read an article about shaving double coated dogs (which I don’t do) and it stated that in some older dogs the hair might not ever grow back, so I was prepared for that space to remain ‘vacant’…


Mike is in the middle of pressure cleaning the pavers, which is why they are two different colors; clean and nasty. ;)


Stitches Gone, Toe Intact

June 4, 2014

Sort of.

I swore that there would be no more pinkie toe pictures, but I lied. It just looked so weird after the stitches were removed today… I had to.

First, Bill Cosby. If you’re squeamish at all, don’t look past him.



I warned you…


So that’s why he told me it was still ‘fragile’. And hey, it wasn’t red til he messed with it. How weird!


Bullet Dodged

May 29, 2014

Had my one week check at the surgeon’s yesterday. Everything looks very good, perfect even. No redness, no swelling, no pain. He gave me leave to move around more -even though I admitted to being on my feet more than was absolutely necessary. All junkies get jerky when deprived their drug of choice. Mine happens to be sweating, preferably with the aid of a treadmill. The Bowflex helps with resistance, but I miss walking.

I won’t post anymore toe pr0n because nobody wants to see a nauseatingly close shot of my pinkie toe. Even me.

OH, the pathology report! He said it’s a good thing we took it out because it would have been cancerous. Called it something-plastic. Abnormal. So, whew! The really scary thing is, what if it had appeared somewhere else on my body? I’d have taken no notice of the thing; just another bump. So, bullet dodged in more ways than one.

Thanks for taking the ride with me… holding my hand when I needed and kicking my butt when I needed that… you are too good for me and I am grateful.

And now, some bokeh. And lilies, of course. No post is complete without foliage.





It’s Gone!

May 20, 2014


That was a real operating room, folks. And they even made me remove my clothes.. but the spot is gone.

There are so many stitches it looks like a spider web.. and I have to stay off it… and elevate it.

And like every other procedure I’ve had, the standout performers were the nurses. I told each “thank you for taking such good care of me” because they made me feel cared for… special people, nurses.

Also thank you to Mike who not only went with me but laughed with me behind the curtain… and is taking care of me like… well, a nurse.

Edited to add the sutures!


Bet nobody ever wanted to see my toe that close up… I know I didn’t.

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May 16, 2014

A cold front just came through; it will push the temps down to 65 tonight! Yay! Get ready for global cooling!


Anyway. I would ask a question of my regulars – you’re an intelligent, compassionate lot and always give good advice.

About a year ago YsD was involved in an automobile accident after which she was ticketed to a total of 397.50. She lost her license until the tickets are paid, of course. In typical fashion she did not follow up and didn’t even know her license was suspended until a notice arrived in the mail.

Honestly, I question whether she can even take care of herself, let alone children, after incidences of this nature. That is really not relevant, though. I hate that she cannot drive. Being able to drive equals freedom, at least to me.

Wee Liam and his sister have improved 1000% and if YsD and BD are fortunate enough to have them returned, there are things in place now… schools, day care, appts… that would need to be continued. How would she do that without a license?

Guess I’m really asking if my instinct to give her the money is viable. There is no drug or alcohol abuse by either and both have graduated parenting class.

I mentioned it to Mike, but didn’t get any results… if I just out and out said “I want to give it to her” he’d be fine with it. Just… should I?



May 14, 2014

Finally opened!!


My stomach is making enough acid for 20 people… and I’m off to the doctor’s!