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This With These

Cue the Rocky theme! I thought I’d never finish this… and for the strangest reason: braiding. I can braid if I’m not …


Over the Fence

Yankees may commence the hatred in 5… 4… 3… 2… It’s 72 degrees here.


TS3: Watersports

One of my favorite parts of the game deal with the sims interactions with water. From fishing to vaulting off a diving …


My Stuff

Had to laugh when Bree plopped down on the empty dog bedding I was about to wash… guess she knows it’s still …


Make Your Own Vanilla!

This gets 5 stars for cool! Beanilla*, which sells extracts and vanilla beans, sells a ‘Make your own’ in the form of …


TS3: Death Comes to River Oaks

I’ll henceforth preface any titles dealing with the the sims as TS3, so anyone who isn’t interested can skip them… which is …


Going Over

One of our impossibly tall palms has endured an injury to its trunk and the top portion has tipped over… soon to …


Rainy Spring Day

Just a test of the new theme, really… I’m sick of all themes… but this one is pretty noninvasive. Not the right …


Those Crazy Kids!

That small, red dotted area? South Miami, in all its puffed up splendor. Yes, the same small Florida community that issued a …