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The Long Hot Summer

August 31, 2014

[tooltip text="Remember this movie?"]If you don’t hear from me in a week, I’ll be at the Nacional Hotel in Mexico City, room 703.[/tooltip]

I have to reload my hard drive. Fun and games, eh? Anything for a break from the Long Hot Summer. I’m almost ready to believe in glowball worming!

I love that this happens…


You can keep Patrick Stewart. Shatner’s the man. He’s 83, still working like a dog and loving it.

William Shatner is not just an actor — he’s working on a reality TV series, taking his one-man show back on tour in December and is busy promoting a Star Trek documentary he produced.

So how does the 83-year-old relax?

“Up until three weeks ago, horses,” Shatner said in a phone interview earlier this month from Los Angeles, referencing an accident that left him temporarily wheelchair-bound. Source

Of course this is spot on.


Actually, corgis are potent anti-depression medicine in small explosive packages. I find it impossible to really fall down that hole with Badger around; she clowns with her toys or just thumps over onto her back with a goofy expression and I laugh my butt off. Everyone should have one. Well, only nice people.

An invasive vine has surfaced, but it has such pretty yellow flowers I let it alone.


If you have 5 or 10 bucks lying around, please consider Jackson’s case.

See you later… and if you’re one of the lucky people already experiencing Autumn conditions… urgh.

If you’re like me, and never get to bundle up and drink hot chocolate… tramp around on crisp leaves… feel the bite of frosty air from a north wind… this is for you.



A Bath and A Cookie

August 22, 2014

The baths come more frequently when I’m blowing coat!


The cookie is the important bit!


Can you see the guard hairs? When she’s almost dry they stand out almost at attention.


Two down, Bree to go!



August 14, 2014

Like most people I’m sad this week. Evidently Robin Williams was a very tortured man. I can only pray his burden has been lifted and his soul at peace. It just seems unbelievable, someone who gave us so much happiness had to end up taking his own life to escape his demons.

And yes, I’m one of those who don’t understand. I’ve been extremely depressed, so bad I had no idea what was going on around me… sitting and staring at the wall depressed. But I never wanted to kill myself.

A bi-polar family member planned to kill herself many times. She’s older now and on good meds, thank God. Through therapy she learned the planning was for control… because she felt out of control? Once again, I’ve felt very out of control, but have never planned to off myself. So I don’t understand.

I’ve said before that I love myself too much to purposefully harm myself. There are no hidden demons.. maybe because my parents loved me, nothing horrible happened to me during childhood or maybe it’s because I don’t have a chemical imbalance in my brain. No idea.

So, I don’t understand. I do understand that Williams was in pain, enough to make him decide he had to leave his wife and children. And that makes me very sad.


Life is a very odd and dangerous road, full of happiness and sadness and pain. Sort of like this unkempt lily bed. Messy and somehow pretty, even though the pretty stuff doesn’t really belong.

I turned 57 on the 4th. So far it’s been a cracker full of sweeties… NOT. Hurt my neck, hurt my back, in traction every day and in some incredible pain. Oh, and did I mention the poison ivy?

Edited to add that another family member just told me that she thinks about killing herself every day. She plans it. You have to, she said. Don’t want things left undone, or a mess to clean up afterward.
Why? Because… “it’s hard to explain”. But the meds help. What about the family and friends who love you? “you don’t believe it”.

Sigh. It’s a damn epidemic.


Effects and So Forth

July 26, 2014
Fieldale Lodge_Leather-zzz-b6

the-quiet-manI love home. It’s not the particular house, really, just wherever I live. But it only becomes home upon unpacking, right? When I heard Maureen O’Hara tell John Wayne “I need my things about me” in the Quiet Man, it struck a nerve.
Even though those things may not be worth much, they’re dear to me. They can make pretty much anywhere home.

I’m not really attached to our 21 year old sofa, though.
SO, I started cyber shopping. Just looking, thinking… dreaming. Not going to buy, you understand. Too many other things get priority over a frivolous purchase.
After a couple of days I found Fieldale Lodge by Lexington.

Absolutely love the sofa. Love, love, love. Wondering what those gay little poufs would be good for, though.

Fieldale Lodge_Leather-LSS-b1

But when I saw this chair… I heard a gasp and it turned out to be ME! Adore this thing. Love it more than my luggage. If I had any.

Fieldale Lodge_Leather-zzz-b6

On the flip side… there is Skin Furniture, with the look, feel and smell of skin, that makes me want to throw up.

They look very testicular. Who’s going to buy that? The SMELL of flesh? Everyone smells differently! Would it be baby smell or the aroma of crazy Uncle Albert, who’s lived on sardines and gin for the last 40 years?
My gag reflex needs adjusting.

ANYWAY, to satisfy some sort of shopping craving, (and a need) I bought a new bag. Patricia Nash. Sort of BoHo, sort of SoHo. Kind of 60’s.



And now I don’t need a new sofa. See how that works? And I can hold the Italian leather close, its leather approximating the smell of a new couch. And it’s large enough for my iPad.

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Current Events

Another Evil Bank Taken to the Cleaners

July 25, 2014

So many things about this bug the ever-loving shit out of me.

Bank of America to pay $16.6 million to resolve U.S. sanctions violations

Bank of America Corp’s banking unit (BAC.N) agreed to pay $16.6 million to resolve allegations that it processed several hundred transactions for drug traffickers who are subject to U.S. sanctions, the U.S. Treasury Department said on Thursday.

The bank processed around $91,000 in transactions for six designated narcotics traffickers between 2005 and 2009, and failed to file timely reports on accounts owned by four others, the department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said.

In announcing the settlement, OFAC said it determined that 79 transactions the bank processed after October 2006 constituted an “egregious” case, because the bank knew of a problem with its screening tool, but didn’t fix it until more than two years later.

OFAC said the bank could have faced a penalty larger than $83 million, but that it reduced the penalty because of the bank’s efforts to fix its problems, and because some of the transactions might have been eligible for an OFAC license.

Global banks have paid huge sums in recent years over allegations that they violated U.S. sanctions. Most recently, BNP Paribas (BNPP.PA) agreed to pay $8.9 billion to resolve criminal and civil charges that it violated U.S. sanctions on Sudan and other countries.

The bank’s crime? They “processed $91,000 in transactions for six designated narcotics traffickers between 2005 and 2009, and failed to file timely reports on accounts owned by four others”.

Reports? Were they supposed to allow these people to bank, or not? Some could and some they just needed to spy upon?? And hey, no wonder WE have to jump through hoops just to open accounts or take money out of them!

So, $91,000 in transactions add up to $16.6 million in fines. Oh, but it could have been $83 million! They cut the evil bank some slack. Because when you’re &%#$ someone up the $!& it’s a good idea to use a bit of lube.

I bet BofA thought all the billions it shovels out for ‘socially responsible’ programs would buy it a little goodwill. Ha! That $70 billion for ‘environmental sustainability’ looks pretty sad right now, too.

I’m fond of saying that corporations are made up of people. And you know what? So are governments. Maybe this $16.6 mill slush fund can help obummer’s new flock of potential voters coming in droves over the southern border?



Give it up; the socialists will never see you as anything more than inherently evil. And the rest of us don’t care. Bet your shareholders do, though… among which are many on the left.

Figure that one out.

Current Events


July 24, 2014
obstructionist now lists ‘obstructionist’ as right-winger.


obstructionist hasn’t gone completely round the bend yet. YET.