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November 27, 2013
Giving Badger a kiss

Mike came home from Wisconsin last Friday with a bad cold and I’ll give you one guess who has it now. But I’m thankful he’s home safe.

Anyway, pictures for no other reason than I took them while we sat outside watching the dogs chew on some beef bones.

Mike and Daisy. Giving Badger a kiss We must eat separately or bad things happen and Mom will scream. The hair kills me.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

For all You have given,
Thank You God.

For all You have withheld,
Thank You God.

For all You have withdrawn,
Thank You God.

For all You have permitted,
Thank You God.

For all You have prevented,
Thank You God.

For all You have forgiven me,
Thank You God.

For all You have prepared for me,
Thank You God.

For the death You have chosen for me,
Thank you God.

For the place you are keeping for me in heaven,
Thank You God.

For having created me to love You for eternity,
Thank You God.


Nuclear Evolution in the Senate

November 21, 2013


Change through destruction.


The Senate went nuclear on Thursday, changing the Senate rules for confirming judicial and executive nominees and significantly curbing the power of the minority party.

Under the new rules, only a simple majority would be needed to clear a procedural hurdle in the approval process for executive nominees and judicial nominees. Currently, 60 votes are required to clear that hurdle, which gives the minority the party the power to filibuster and block nominees of whom they disapprove. For Supreme Court nominees, the 60-vote requirement would remain in effect.

“I realize this sort of wishful thinking might appeal to the uninitiated newcomers in the Democratic conference who served exactly zero days in the minority, but the rest of you guys should know better,” McConnell said in a floor speech Thursday, saying that Democrats would inevitably come to “regret” the rules change, possibly, he said, “a lot sooner than you think.”

Still, Reid said that the gridlock made it necessary for the Senate to “evolve.”

“It’s time to change,” Reid said. “It’s time to change the Senate before this institution becomes obsolete.”

Read more:

As if the Senate Republicans were effectual on any level, anyway. Screw those checks and balances! Who thought that mess up? We only need the progressives… I’m sure goose-stepping and throwing sieg heils out to the big Oh will keep us too busy to notice that our country has gone to hell.

Fuck you back, Harry.

Fuck you back, Harry.

Okay, guess I’ve decided to go out in a blaze of profane glory. Wotthehell, Archy. Wotthehell.


Last Year

November 21, 2013
Typical Facebook post

Unless I have a major change of heart… a heavenly blogging conversion of some sort… this is likely the last year for the site.

After 13 years, I’m just over it. The salad days were fun; there were so many bloggers we were like a huge community… but many people have either closed shop or migrated to Facebook… which is a closed environment. If you’re not their friend, you can’t see what they think. And once at FB the writing goes from stories to “guess what I made for breakfast?” Which is fine, if that’s what they want to share. At least I can keep up with their meals.

Typical Facebook post

Typical Facebook post

I like Facebook because it allows me to keep up with my former blogging friends and loathe it because it’s stolen so many stories from us. There must be more of one than the other because I haven’t deleted my account lately.

I really don’t share much on FB myself, but if I were to post something today it would be: “I can’t find any of my regular bras, so I’m wearing a sportsbra.” Scintillating stuff, which I’m sure you’re sorry to have missed on my wall because you’re not my FB friend.

Mike asked why I’ve kept the site this long and my answer was “I like to have a place to say what I think” but I increasingly.. don’t think. And don’t like to say even when I do. Things started going downhill when friends and family found the place; the blowback was incredible. I went from trusted friend to evil, cross burning conservative in the blink of an eye.

The Triple K were democrats, by the way. Lincoln a Republican, even though the left keeps claiming him for their side it will never change history.

YsD came by for a visit on her way down to Dade county to see her family. It was nice to see her again, plus I got to unload the rest of my books on her. Well, minus a small selection that I’ll never part with.
She was living here when Bree came to us as a pup, so to the dog YsD is a gone-but-not-forgotten pack member. They were happy to see each other, as always, and played like reunited girls and puppies are wont to do…. which admittedly made me a little misty. I asked YsD if she had noticed the whitening face and she said “I don’t want to.” Yup, me either.

Maybe in this last year the gloves should come off. Maybe I should tell everyone what I really think of them… and their little dog, too. But honestly, people know what I think of them; I’m a horrible poker player and do not endure assholes for long. Almost wrote ‘suffer fools’ but fools are fine as long as they’re possessed of a sweet spirit.

So, what should I do with this last year? Go out with a whimper or a bitch? Slowly wind down to posting pictures of the dogs on blogger or Tumblr? I like Tumblr for what it is… my Tumblr dashboard is pretty much all art, Cumberbatch and Corgis. Did you know that Corgis are the official dog of the internet?

Anyway, lots of Benedict Cumberbatch, even multidimensional, semi-cognitive Ben. Asked his opinion of our prez, he said:


Love Sherlock better than my toaster.

Or maybe I’ll just ramble this next year, saying whatever drivel comes to mind. Then you’ll be glad to see me go…


Happy 7th Birthday Breagha!

November 15, 2013

Younghaven Take The Sky

Seven years ago my sister-in-law hounded, stalked and badgered a Collie breeder into selling her a pet puppy to give Mike and I after our girl Tess passed away… As fate would have it, the breeder finally crumbled and a beautiful little smooth Collie arrived on our doorstep soon after.

Her dam is CH Younghaven Deja Vu and her sire is BISS GCH Deep River’s Bow and Arrow ROM

She has Tartanside, Karizma and Southland in her lineage* but she’s never been in a show… she’s just always been our girl, and very special to us.

Breagha understands everything I say, which is a heckuva statement to make, but trust me…

Deb and Bree

Deb and baby Bree

Breagha means beautiful.

First images from Deb:

Bree is the smartest dog I’ve ever known, and sometimes over-thinks things. Training her in basic obedience was easy, but she is bored quickly.


Her nickname is ‘Big Love’.


She loves people, especially children.


And her face is turning white. The puppy I thought would never grow up… is growing old. Sometimes I can’t even think about it.

More pictures at ‘The Girls’ tab; all of which you’ve seen ad nauseum.




HRH is going to have a lovely breakfast of pork necks and then accompany me on an amble around the hood.

Happy Birthday my dear girl.

*If you know -or care- about such things.



November 11, 2013

We wouldn’t be here without those who make it possible: our sheepdogs, the United States military. Thank you, Veterans! Your sacrifices for our freedom are always very much appreciated!