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My Mom would have been 100 today. She was born Rose Brown on April 16th...

Spring Rain


PIG! But Just Once.

Whadya want?? OH, it’s a PIG! Gimme! I got it! I got it! Back...

Stuff in the Yard

Just… stuff in the yard. The Confederate is blooming again. An...

Ken Roko Mixed Media Art

KR Art by krokoart on Etsy Never really been into ‘mixed media’...

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  • User AvatarPam { Thanks! You are absolutely right; our generation is largely clueless... } – Apr 16, 3:35 PM
  • User Avatarms martyr { Your mama would be just four years older than mine.... } – Apr 16, 2:38 PM
  • User AvatarPam { This is probably before your time, but... } – Apr 15, 5:14 AM
  • User AvatarDa Goddess { We ALWAYS need rain. We never have enough. That's pretty... } – Apr 14, 9:11 PM
  • User AvatarPam { Y'all still in a bad drought? } – Apr 14, 12:16 PM