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I am NOT ashamed to be the owner of two responsibly bred dogs.

Neither of my dogs killed a shelter dog. Neither of my dogs took a shelter dog’s home. Neither of them added to pet overpopulation. If I didn’t have them, I just would not have a dog.

→ February 28, 2014


Jiggity Jog

Home again, home again… with a multitude of drugs and instructions. Now we begin recovery and rehabilitation! Her bare butt and pain …


To Surgery!

She’ll have a TTA done on her knee this afternoon and we pick her up tomorrow!


Master and Gym

Click to embiggen. No more guest room; thanks to Mike’s diligence yesterday it’s now a workout facility. Which reminds me, I don’t …



Mike was talking about making the spare room into an office, so I set this up and told him it was ‘reception’.


Still Filthy

I just bathed her two days ago and *pouf*, like magic she’s dirty again.



Took them six hours, but we have new bedroom floors! The pictures are awful, but you get the gist. OH, this is …


Here Comes The Sun

This is a webcam image from the beach just 10 miles away. I check this cam once or twice a day; it’s …


Bad News

Bree was hurt a couple of days ago as she and Badger ran around in the yard… she can’t put weight on …