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Going Over

October 25, 2014

One of our impossibly tall palms has endured an injury to its trunk and the top portion has tipped over… soon to be falling to the ground, I’m sure. Those suckers had finally gotten to a good height; one that shaded the back in the hot afternoons… and of course lightning had to hit it… or some blight took it. Or bugs. The insects are out of control around here; nearly every plant has something eating it… I’ve tried to be a good environmental steward, spreading no herbicides or pesticides… but the gloves are coming off and soon.

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Down in Flames

October 17, 2014

Like my diet, Day 11. A combination of intestinal distress, allergies and ridiculous cravings finally did me in… and if I ever see another egg, nut or sweet potato I will go insane.

I also hope the word ‘paleo’ passes quietly into history where it belongs.

If you can do it or if you did it, how marvelous. If I were 30 years younger and unmarried it might have been easier, don’t know… but the diet had to die. I will take what I learned and apply it, so there’s that.

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Our Fragile Ecosystem

September 22, 2014

When I complained about an overabundance of millipedes, both inside and outside the house, our exterminator told me that the invasive Northern Curly Tailed Lizard has wiped out the native critter that normally eats them, causing everyone in the county to hyperventilate over millions of millipedes.

The kicker? He can do nothing about them, though he did extra spraying out of the goodness of his heart.

My usual ennui does not extend to bugs in the house, either flying or crawling. “Kill it with fire!” is the reining battle cry. Of course, that’s a direction to my husband. I’m a coward of unusual zeal when confronted with creepy crawlies. That’s one reason I don’t do haunted houses; they tend to hang spiders about and that’s not something I typically enjoy.

This year’s apathy has been near total, draining the joy from so many things… except hunkering in the air conditioning with a good book or game.

For example, my birdbath is so filthy it’s growing things. That’s a first.


I’m making chicken and dumplings from Jan Karon’s Mitford cookbook and the house smells lovely. That right there makes me happy. A little cool weather and I might do a dance…

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June 23, 2014

The soursop tree is burdened -really good word for it- with these huge fruit. Already four have fallen and been consumed by bugs… and of course one stubby dog. Guess I won’t bathe her til the you-know-what passes…

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Fischer’s Lovebird

June 15, 2014

Someone’s pet escaped and is living in a moss-laden oak tree across the street. After an exhaustive search googling we identified him as a Fischer’s Lovebird.
I call him Popeye.


On our way to see Popeye.


He seems really sweet, making a clatter until we are directly beneath him and then he chirps with us… and he used to have a companion, but…

HEY! Guess who just came to see me??

I was pouring a second cup of coffee when I heard him outside… and sure enough, when I opened the back door he was not six feet away, clinging to the gate. I got this picture when he flew up to the roof… thank goodness for zoom lenses!


These are some weird pod things growing on the hedge out back. Never seen them before and I doubt confederate ivy makes anything like it, so… weird.


I’ve crawled inside myself again… mostly playing games and studying German via Duolingo. Why German? It’s easy to learn for English speakers and I had three years of it in high school… not that much of it stuck. Still, it’s something.


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Green House

June 6, 2014

I know it’s south Florida, but come on!!


Eye wash:


Green has always been my favorite color. But if I have to look at that every time I go into the back yard…


More ocular cleansing…


Oops. Had to throw this one in, too.


Caught ya.

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May 16, 2014

A cold front just came through; it will push the temps down to 65 tonight! Yay! Get ready for global cooling!


Anyway. I would ask a question of my regulars – you’re an intelligent, compassionate lot and always give good advice.

About a year ago YsD was involved in an automobile accident after which she was ticketed to a total of 397.50. She lost her license until the tickets are paid, of course. In typical fashion she did not follow up and didn’t even know her license was suspended until a notice arrived in the mail.

Honestly, I question whether she can even take care of herself, let alone children, after incidences of this nature. That is really not relevant, though. I hate that she cannot drive. Being able to drive equals freedom, at least to me.

Wee Liam and his sister have improved 1000% and if YsD and BD are fortunate enough to have them returned, there are things in place now… schools, day care, appts… that would need to be continued. How would she do that without a license?

Guess I’m really asking if my instinct to give her the money is viable. There is no drug or alcohol abuse by either and both have graduated parenting class.

I mentioned it to Mike, but didn’t get any results… if I just out and out said “I want to give it to her” he’d be fine with it. Just… should I?



May 14, 2014

Finally opened!!


My stomach is making enough acid for 20 people… and I’m off to the doctor’s!

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May 1, 2014

Oh, May Day. Otherwise it’s a distress signal.

I wanted some color in a sad little bed along the fence, so Mike went to Home Depot with me to buy some. I’d forgotten they only sell Impatiens in the Fall and ended up with three different colors of Begonia…even though I’ve always killed every Begonia within my personal radius… we’ll see. But now the sad little bed still looks sad… just with some condemned Begonias adding a splash of red, pink and blue.

They’re so cute before they die.

Can we talk about this dog? She is Always here. Right in front of me. Outside. On the toilet. Under my feet. Now, forget for a moment that she is filthy. Dried yogurt on her nose, green sticky things and eye gunk aside… look at that sweet little soul.


Bree has her final x-ray next week, along with her last rehab appointment. Thank God, because I don’t think she’s doing as well as she should be… and we need some answers.
I’m somewhat apprehensive.

Somewhat. That’s funny.



April 17, 2014

I think we can agree that it’s an anole. Brown, maybe? If so, it’s the biggest damn brown anole I’ve ever seen!


….and look at his SCALES!


It’s almost in horned toad territory!