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Funny Story

A couple, actually. First, my Christmas Cactus’ internal clock is completely messed up; it started budding about a week ago: This was …



I can’t stop taking pictures of these gorgeous roses!! They’re absolutely lovely and smell incredible.


Fern Forest with Tonie

OD came to visit today and we went hiking around Fern Forest Nature Center here in Broward county. This sculpture is odd.


Finger Pointing

I’m not a member of PETA. In fact, I don’t care for them at all. Neither do I like to point fingers …


“Scared White Guys”

Forget that gun production and sales have been at record levels since an anti-gun democrat was elected president. The moronic Mark Morford …


Cheeky Kestrel

This is my first kestrel sighting! He showed up one dark, rainy morning and today he came round again to walk up …



I first noticed the wind because it looked like someone was trying to look up Daisy’s skirt… Little pink flowers!


Over the Fence

Yankees may commence the hatred in 5… 4… 3… 2… It’s 72 degrees here.


Going Over

One of our impossibly tall palms has endured an injury to its trunk and the top portion has tipped over… soon to …


Those Crazy Kids!

That small, red dotted area? South Miami, in all its puffed up splendor. Yes, the same small Florida community that issued a …


Bleeding Moon

I didn’t get a shot at the Blood Moon a couple of days ago because of cloud cover. First it was cloudy, …