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Obstructionist now lists ‘obstructionist’ as right-winger. hasn’t gone completely round the bend yet. YET.  



The soursop tree is burdened -really good word for it- with these huge fruit. Already four have fallen and been consumed by …


Hypocritical Liar

Touting immigration reform in a speech to law enforcement yesterday, obama said that time is running short. What he should have said …


No Credibility Clinton

Hillary “What Difference Does it Make?” Clinton managed to tell the truth yesterday at the National Council for Behavioral Health conference. Remember …


Dear Piers

'If only there'd been a good guy with a gun…' – such crap. This #FortHood soldier/shooter WAS a good guy. Until he …


Climate Change Bullshit

The U.N. and its member states -including obama’s America- is trying to hold us hostage for climate change If the world doesn’t …


The Honor System

We were told that there was no way the March 31st Obamacare sign up date would change… then it was decreed that …