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Big Love and Her Cohorts

January 17, 2015

Today has been one of the most beautiful this winter, so I’ve been out with the dogs… Mike and I walked them, during which a kid on a bike zipped through a yard and surprised us by clipping Bree on the nose with his tire! After which I bathed the little dawgs, scissoring Daisy a bit.

The injured party… she seems fine but I’m watching to see that she remains so.


The black spot on the left side of her muzzle…


The young man was appropriately apologetic and concerned both for the dog and his bike. Mike asked him if he was okay and told him to be more careful. Had it been me (I was holding the little girls) God knows what I’d have said.

Daisy, before and after:



What a funny little girl.

Pizza is on the way and I’m thinking of eating it al fresco in order to better enjoy this beautiful day!!

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Finger Pointing

January 5, 2015

I’m not a member of PETA. In fact, I don’t care for them at all. Neither do I like to point fingers at people simply living their lives… but this is wrong… and I’m not alone in thinking so.

It all started innocently enough, with a parable about overcoming obstacles? I think.


Cue shitstorm.

Of course now palin has come out decrying the ‘haters’ instead of admitting it was wrong. So, I have a couple of questions:

1. Why do you allow such behavior? (Yes, I know the boy is special needs. Even so, he can be taught respect for his companion.)

2. Why, instead of some gentle correction, were you snapping pictures?

3. A few years down the road when this dog has spinal issues because you were too bloody lazy to teach the boy manners, will you spend on surgery or just take it out in the Alaskan woods and shoot it?

I’m betting on the latter.

Don’t even say it’s because her family hunts and lives in the wilderness. That must lead to desensitization in regards to animals, right? Well, my family hunted and fished but we were still taught respect of the domestic animals; the dogs, cats… hell, even the rabbits and we ate those. The game even had to be killed in one go because we didn’t want it struggling along, dying slowly.

It’s not about that.

Honestly, I don’t know why someone would not only accept but celebrate this behavior on Facebook! Am I over-reacting? I don’t think so.


The Daisy Ballet

December 7, 2014

I’m laying siege to the confederate jasmine on the back fence today… and I think it’s winning…


A Daisy Thanksgiving

November 30, 2014

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I’ve been trying to upload these pictures since the 26th with no avail. The host sucks.

I have been posting at blogger, believe it or not. Might just jog back there and give up on this place, the land of viruses and slow loading times.



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November 23, 2014

I first noticed the wind because it looked like someone was trying to look up Daisy’s skirt…


Little pink flowers!


My Stuff

November 3, 2014

Had to laugh when Bree plopped down on the empty dog bedding I was about to wash… guess she knows it’s still hers!

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Some Things are Intuitive

October 16, 2014

Whatcha looking at Bree?


Hey, where you going?


I may be clueless, but I know when a cookie is being offered…


We played with her soccer ball and now she’s probably dreaming about gigantic bones…

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I’m Starving!

October 9, 2014


I started Whole 30 Monday, which means no sugar, grains, dairy or alcohol. Pretty much 75% of my old diet. There has been some slippage – every day I have skim milk and a truvia in my coffee! But that’s it. For some reason I feel that the rest of the day would be unnavigable without the customary morning beverage. I could be wrong… but why chance it?

I’ve got a pot roast in the oven, complete with onions and carrots. Sweet potato will follow. Not that every evening’s meal has been so smooth. It’s easy, right? Protein, veg and fruit for dessert. What’s so damn hard about that? Well, for one thing, I’m the only one on the diet. And my body is yearning for grains and sugar. Yearning. I’m dreaming about cupcakes with sugary frosting. You know that light, frothy lard and sugar frosting they put on some birthday cakes? That.

Anyway, breakfast is okay, but I’m already sick of eggs. Except the paleo frittata. Went to Whole Foods today to stock up on coconut everything, nuts, dried fruit, oils, veg, etc… I’m going to make homemade Larabars and clarify my butter.

I did something like this about 13 years ago when I tried Atkins… but instead of gradually working stuff back in, I stayed on induction for a year. Trust me, this time is different. Day 31 will see me eating cupcakes. Or tirimisu. Or whatever I can get in my mouth first.

I’d even take a bowl of porridge.

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September 24, 2014

I renewed my hosting account yesterday, despite last year’s proclamation of doom. “Why?” I kept asking myself. I said why? as the link went to paypal and why? as I hit the button to pay and why? as I completed the transaction and returned to my billing account. Why?

Good question and there’s no real answer… unless maybe I just want to be able to post dog pictures.


Corgi butt alert!


I submitted a photo of Badger’s butt for the Corgi Butt Calendar (which is now available here) but she didn’t make the cut. Guess there are just too many good butts out there…

For anyone still dropping by… YsD and her significant other finally obtained unsupervised visitation of the children and are hoping for unification by Christmas. I’m happy for them.

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September 3, 2014

Leaf remains. Who says I don’t have dead leaves for the Fall? Just thought it was cool…


Looks like it was dipped in gold when the sun hits it…


From the Florida Room, a.k.a. ‘Office': Bree strutting around wearing her bandanna and carrying a chewy. Used to take nothing but wonderful pictures of her but these days they all look like crap.


She’s a hoot. After I put the bandanna on -which she loves and was so damned happy about- I said “go show Daddy” and she ran right in to show him. Sometimes I think dogs are very smart and sometimes I think they’re dumber than chickens… but when it comes to human interaction, Breagha is a genius.