Cheeky Kestrel

This is my first kestrel sighting! He showed up one dark, rainy morning and today he came round again to walk up and down the street, taunting us with his beauty. Isn’t he wonderful?


This was the dark, rainy morning of course. Love his fluffy, dotted breast.


The neighbor’s hibiscus continues to flourish.


And Bree. Always Bree. With the requisite old lady skin tag.


Okay, story time.

My back is giving me fits, so this morning I asked Bree to bring me a sock that happened to be lying about two feet away from where I was trying to put my shoes on and don’t we all love a run-on sentence?

So I asked “Bree, would you take the sock and give it to me?” Take and give being the operative words. So she rises from her bed, walks over and picks the sock up… which is when Badger, hairy warrior princess, went after her like a coked up monkey promised a golden banana.

So Bree turned and dropped the sock. Bree tried three more times, til the sock was across the room and we both gave up.

Badger will not tolerate any interactions with dogs except her. I cannot play with Bree unless the Badger is put outside.

Now… she knows she doesn’t own me. She is not possessive like that… except in this instance. I’ve tried having Mike play with her while I play with Bree and vice versa… no dice. She just doesn’t want the others to interact with us, period. I’ve tried admonishing her, ignoring bad behavior and treating for good… and I’m out of ideas. Anyone who stumbles across this, help?!

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